Woman’s Most Iconic Hairstyles

In honor of International Woman’s Day, what better way to celebrate than to recognize some of the most iconic hairstyles from the last 50 years by some bold and stylish woman. You can see the whole 50 hairdos in the past 50 years list at Vogue Australia, written by Julia Frank.

Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s beehive topped the list, compiled by Toni & Guy to mark its 50th anniversary.

hair 1

Jennifer Aniston’s hair in the early days of Friends earned cult status as ‘The Rachel’. Hairdressers the world over were flooded with requests to cut to its likeness. For that, it made number four on the list.


The feathered pageboy cut (no. 9) favoured by Princess Diana is still one of the most popular looks of all time.  Supermodel Twiggy’s entire look revolutionized fashion in the 1960’s, and her elfin crop made the cut at number 11 on the list.


Jackie Kennedy’s brunette bouffant (at number 17) secured her place as a style icon.


Actor and fitness guru Raquel Welch’s voluminous curls came in at number 38.


For chopping off her long locks in favour of an attention-grabbing undercut, Rihanna earned herself a spot at number 46 on the list.

hair 6

But most importantly……..


“There will be a small army keeping the actors, publicists, reporters, and more fed before and after the Oscars Sunday night. Nine hundred people, in fact, with 300 in the kitchen and 600 working the front of house, will rally to nourish the likes of Amy Adams and Cate Blanchett off the red carpet and at the post-show Governors Ball. Together, they will cook, plate, and serve nearly 60 varieties of small plates that range from smoked-salmon macaroons to vegan taro-root tacos and citrus panna-cotta for a total of 16,000 individual dishes.

Wolfgang Puck—who is celebrating his 20th year as commander in chief of these troops—started planning the menu in December, although after two decades at the helm, he’s more than prepared for last-minute substitutions. “We try to get all our ingredients in by Friday afternoon,” he explained over the phone. “We still might change some things because we’re going to the farmers’ market, and we’ll just see what [ingredients] they have.” Some dishes are made a day in advance, but most of the cooking begins at 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning. And while there are some year-to-year mainstays on the menu (“The Board of Governors loves the chicken potpie. So does Barbra Streisand”), Puck also uses the nominees as inspiration for new recipes. Case in point: He once made a Chinese-style fish for Best Director–winner Ang Lee. As for any special creations this year: “Win or lose, I’m going to make Bradley Coopera steak.”” – by Ally Betker for Travel and Lifestyle for Vogue.

Wolfgang shared his favorite recipes from Sunday, and here is the sweetest! For more of his red carpet menu, check HERE xx

Makes about 5 1/2 cups
hazelnut spread




1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.
2. Spread the hazelnuts in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet or pan. Place the pan in the oven and roast until fragrant, the skins dark and cracked, and the nutmeats underneath look deep golden brown, about 15 minutes, stirring them 2 or 3 times while they roast. Remove the nuts from the oven and let sit until cool enough to handle.
3. Pour the nuts into the center of a clean kitchen towel. Fold the towel over to enclose nuts completely and then thoroughly rub to dislodge the nuts of their skins. Transfer the skinless nuts to a bowl, carefully shaking the skins from the towel into the trash.
4. When the nuts are completely cooled, put them in a food processor fitted with the stainless-steel blade. Pulse several times to chop them coarsely; then, run the machine continuously until the nuts form a paste. Use a rubber spatula to remove the paste from the processor processor, transferring it to a bowl. Set aside.
5. Place the milk and dark chocolates in a mixing bowl and drizzle with the glucose or corn syrup.
6. In saucepan, warm the heavy cream over medium heat until it reaches a simmer.
7. Pour the simmering cream over the chocolate. With a wire whisk, begin stirring together the melting chocolate and cream in the center of the bowl. As the chocolate begins to blend with the cream, forming a smooth, shiny mixture, stir in more and more chocolate from the sides until the mixture is completely smooth. Add the hazelnut paste and fleur de sel to taste, and continue stirring until the nut paste, chocolate, and cream are completely blended.
8. Spoon the mixture into small, individual serving glasses or bowls or into one or more larger serving containers. Leave to cool until room temperature, then cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.