Artisana Raw Cacao Bliss

cacao-bliss-8ozI am all about Artisana Cacao Bliss. I feel like I have discovered gold!! Pure, raw chocolate, coconut gold. And that is exactly what it is. A creamy blend of Organic Raw Coconut Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Agave Syrup, Organic Cacao, Organic Cacao Butter. ALL so good FOR you and TO you.

They sell it is jars and little 1 oz packets. When warmed, it’s like a rich nectar that you can spread on toast, fruit slices, or mixed in smoothies and juices. Or, what I do, is put the little packets in the fridge and wait till they get cold and solid. It becomes the most decadent, sinless chocolate bar you’ve ever had melt in your mouth!

HERE are the little packets I’m talking about. They have many other nut butters to choose from as well, but I just can’t NOT get the cacao bliss.

If you actually have the will power to not spoon the creamy nectar onto everything edible and can actually wait 45 min, you can make these heavenly (and only slightly sinful) almond and cacao bliss brownies. 


With Winter done and dusted, what better way to welcome Spring than with a gorgeously green cleansing juice! All Winter long, we tend to hold on to toxins, and that creates mucus in the Spring. Then, with the Spring pollen and irritants in the air triggering allergies, we become sick. To help ward off the sniffles, whip up as many green juices with some slightly bitter foods to enjoy throughout the week. You’ll flood your immune system with supportive nutrients so you’ll be fully armed against any pesky allergens flying your way.


3 large organic kale leaves, stalks included

1 whole lime, peeled

1/2 inch organic ginger, skinned

1 small green pear

small handful mint or parsley

1 tsp. coconut oil

You can either juice or blend. Drink up and enjoy!!

South Coast Farms

South Coast Farms

The gift that keeps on giving, that is what South Coast Farms does with it’s CSA produce basket. For yourself, your family, or as a gift, it’s hard to beat such a bountiful basket. CSA stands for community supported agriculture, which you get to give and receive in the process. You give support and thanks to local, organic farmers. You get to enjoy the best produce that’s local and seasonal. It’s a partnership between a food grower and a food consumer, you.

South Coast Farms members have access to the freshest local foods, often harvested on the day baskets are made. The varieties of fruits and vegetables we choose to plant are selected for flavor, not shelf life or for eye appeal. Members are assured that all the fruits and vegetables in their baskets are all certified organic and grown by local farmers!

You can’t get any better than this. Delicious basket of the most beautiful organic produce that will inspire you to eat better and taste what real food actually is meant to taste like.

You have a couple different choices, and it explains it all below. You can register here.

Bi Weekly, Regular: $224.00 (7 baskets x $32) farm
Bi Weekly, Large: $273.00 (7 baskets x $39)
Weekly, Regular: $448.00 (14 baskets x $32)
Weekly, Large: $546.00 (14 baskets x $39)

Bi Weekly, Regular: $238.00 (7 baskets x $34)
Bi Weekly Large: $287.00 (7 baskets x $41)
Weekly, Regular: $476.00 (14 baskets x $34)
Weekly, Large: $574.00 (14 baskets x $41)

To sign up for our CSA program or to get further information about our program please contact:
Rebecca or Telie at 949-661-9381
or email us at: