How To DIY Easter Centerpiece

easter center 2Spring has sprung and Easter is almost here! Wether you’re hosting Easter brunch or dinner, or simply want to make your coffee table a bit festive, here’s how to DIY Easter centerpiece. It could take as little as ten minutes, and with this, the simpler more rustic the better.

You’ll first need to choose a wire basket, cake stand, or large vase…….or make all three!

  • 1 large package of raffia
  • 1 package of paper Easter basket grass filling
  • Several faux eggs (craft stores have these)
  • Ribbon
  • Scrap of fabric or a cloth napkin
  • and whatever else you want to make it your own

To create the nest, simply pull a chunk (for lack of a better word) of raffia out of the package, keeping the strands easter centerpiecetogether. Twist the entire bundle like you’re wringing out a towel, and shape it into a circle the size of the outside perimeter of your cake stand. Wrap the ends around itself and tuck them under. The raffia tends to get a little unruly and may come undone. If this happens, secure loose pieces hair pins or floral pins.

Heather Libby is the clever creative behind this centerpiece, and to check out all her yummy treats and crafty ideas, go to her personal blog, Heather is also a contributing author at

If you’ve got kids, lucky you that you get to try all these clever tricks for fun parenting! I am not a parent yet, but coming from a large family I know all about babysitting, and unfortunately I never knew about any of these ideas.

1. Use a laundry basket to keep bath toys from floating away….and baby from slipping too much.

kid bath

2. Invest in a baby shower cap to enjoy a tear free bath.

kid hat

3. Help them put the correct shoe on their feet by cutting a sticker in half and putting it on the inside of each shoe.

kid show

4. Make your kids get along with a ‘Get Along Tshirt.’

kid shirt

5. Need a place to put your kid? Tie a blanket around a table to create the ultimate hammock.

kid swing

More pictures of silly stories and light hearted inspiration, check HERE xx

Dressing to make your legs look a bit longer is not a trick. Sounds like magic but really it’s only a few tips that once you got them down, you might just suddenly become known for your slim stems.

1. Start your legs at your waist.


Bring in those high waisted pants/skirts/skirts/shorts whatever you prefer. Not only does it give the illusion of longer legs, but they usually cinch in your waste real nice, giving you a gorgeous little hourglass figure.

high wasted

high wasted 2











2. Go Monochromatic.

Try matching the color of your shorts/skirt to the color of your tights and shoes. This sneaky little tip makes for a seamless long looking leg. Gives the illusion that your legs extend to the very tips of your toes. If you are going bare legged, go for a cream or nude shoe.


mono leg











3. Go low on the vamp.

Vamp, the part on the heel that’s in front and goes across your foot, is what we are talking about. Heel hight, yes, puts a few inches under you, but the walking gracefully and painfully is the hard part. On a day to day basis, it’s less about the amount of inches but about how low the vamp is around your foot. Shoes that cut you off at your ankle really chops up your leg length.

heals long legs

heals legs











Check out Babble, a great little site from Disney for issues and topics for mums, pops, kiddos and a bit of fashiony stuff.

‘A gentleman’s take on why woman should never settle for less than they deserve,’ by Elite Daily. In the spirit of last weekend’s Valentine’s Day, here’s a little inspiration for all those single ladies who may be feeling a bit down on their luck. According to Ricardo Martinez, chivalry is not dead. Keep the faith girls. Don’t settle. xx

“Growing up, I was drawn to poems, romantic songs, romantic comedies and other romantic-isms that led me to my current hopeless-romantic personality. There is nothing I enjoy more than having a special lady in my life who has me grinning all day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of fun (and my accent doesn’t hurt when I try to pick up women — something about the combination of a few vodkas and some rolled R’s is magic). However, as I get older and meet more women, I grow more concerned that young women are setting the bar too low for the men they seek.

Now, women seem to find people like me to be surprising because other men no longer act chivalrously. Of course, it puts us rare breed of gentlemen in a great position, but it makes me wonder: Who have these poor women been dating?

Here are some things you should know about us:

We know you are a grown, independent woman who can complete endless tasks without a man’s help. You can open your own doors, pay your own rent and put on your own coat — we know. But, we want to be the ones who make you smile nonstop; the ones who provide you with amazing, memorable experiences; the ones who completely change the way you perceive life. A gentleman treats his mother and sisters like queens; he should treat you the same way.

We have zero fear about revealing our feelings and allowing you to see a side of us that our “bros” may categorize as a weakness. Maybe you’re thinking “those men don’t exist anymore,” so allow to me clarify:

Just because we are respectable gentleman, we’re not automatically predictable.

We will go out of our way to guard your heart and support your dreams. Other losers may have compromised both, but we’ll mend the destruction. Surprises and small acts of kindness will make you feel as special as you deserve to feel.

Hopeless romantics are aggressive, too.

We want to show you that we know we are lucky. We’ll leave hand-written notes, send gifts, hold hands, notice your haircut and steal kisses when you least expect it. We love to pamper you, but please don’t mistake our kindness for not being aggressive enough. We are confident men who like to lead, but can slow things down if need be.

We know the depth of your beauty

Of course we look forward to romantic time, but it’s not a race to get into bed. We truly understand that intimacy grows with comfort and that comfort grows with time. A hopeless romantic is focused on your pleasures, desires and needs because you have the potential to become the center of his universe.

We plan for a better future.

We are hardworking and have plans, ambitions and goals that require long work hours. For us, there is no time available for playing games or for pretending to be somebody else. If we like you and you like us, let’s hang out and see where things go.

Raise your expectations and standards, and never settle for someone or something that doesn’t meet your criteria. It might take longer to find a quality partner, but we are definitely worth the wait. There are a few of us out there, but some men simply aren’t worth the squeeze. Never forget your self-worth, and most importantly, don’t let a man or sex define it. Go out there and date a hopeless romantic because they are men, not boys.”

laguna playhouseAre you stumped on what to do and where to go for a Valentine’s date night? Are you a local to Laguna Beach? Want to do something that’s slightly beneficial to the local youth and majorly entertaining? This is it! The Laguna Playhouse. The theater’s youth actors are putting on a play, ‘Matrimonial Mayhem,’ a comical murder mystery, and all proceeds go right back to supporting our young stage talents.

The real show is Saturday the 15th, but for a fraction of the price, they are having a full blown dress rehearsal Friday night and tickets are already selling fast. Once you two get cultured and have a few laughs, there are plenty of perfect dinner options in walking distance……that is if you were already on cooking a romantic meal together at home.

For more Laguna Playhouse info.

606 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 | Tel: (949) 497-2787


Restaurant dinner ideas, all within walking distance:




230 Forest Avenue