Woman’s Most Iconic Hairstyles

In honor of International Woman’s Day, what better way to celebrate than to recognize some of the most iconic hairstyles from the last 50 years by some bold and stylish woman. You can see the whole 50 hairdos in the past 50 years list at Vogue Australia, written by Julia Frank.

Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s beehive topped the list, compiled by Toni & Guy to mark its 50th anniversary.

hair 1

Jennifer Aniston’s hair in the early days of Friends earned cult status as ‘The Rachel’. Hairdressers the world over were flooded with requests to cut to its likeness. For that, it made number four on the list.


The feathered pageboy cut (no. 9) favoured by Princess Diana is still one of the most popular looks of all time.  Supermodel Twiggy’s entire look revolutionized fashion in the 1960’s, and her elfin crop made the cut at number 11 on the list.


Jackie Kennedy’s brunette bouffant (at number 17) secured her place as a style icon.


Actor and fitness guru Raquel Welch’s voluminous curls came in at number 38.


For chopping off her long locks in favour of an attention-grabbing undercut, Rihanna earned herself a spot at number 46 on the list.

hair 6

But most importantly……..


The Sochi 2014 Olympics are over, and if you missed any of the good stuff but have 2 minutes to spare, you are in luck!! Click here for………….Sochi Olympics 2014 in TWO Minutes!! For a bit more insight to some heartwarming/olympic trivia, here are some of USA Today’s top picks.


1. After months of reports questioning Russia’s readiness to host the Games the host spent $50 billion to produce, the country was determined to make a bold statement during the opening ceremony at Fisht Stadium. Then the fifth Olympic ring failed to show up.

2. U.S. slopestyle skier Gus Kenworthy is bringing home more than his silver medal from Sochi. The 22-year-old Colorado resident scored a 10 from adoring fans stateside when he announced his plan to adopt five stray dogs found at the Gorki Press Center in the mountain cluster.

3. It’s an amazing feat to win an Olympic medal. It’s even more incredible when two siblings can place first and second in their event. That’s what happened to the Dufour-Lapointe sisters of Montreal, as Justine, 19, and Chloe, 22, stood atop the podium holding hands after winning gold and silver respectively in the women’s moguls. Older sister Maxime placed 12th.

4. It was one of the most emotional interviews of the entire Olympics. And it came from a most unlikely subject. U.S. skier Bode Miller’s tearful conversation with NBC’s Christin Cooper mixed the pain of losing his brother and joy of becoming the oldest medalist in alpine skiing history into a maelstrom of feeling, as it seemed both the interviewer and interviewee were caught off guard by his reaction.

USA Today Sports

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The real show is Saturday the 15th, but for a fraction of the price, they are having a full blown dress rehearsal Friday night and tickets are already selling fast. Once you two get cultured and have a few laughs, there are plenty of perfect dinner options in walking distance……that is if you were already on cooking a romantic meal together at home.

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OK boys, this one is for you! The haircut all men should get! The undercut. “Shaved on the sides and long in the front.” It’s got more options than most any guys haircut out there – edgy, toned down, suit savvy, rock’n roll – very versatile and always flattering on most all face shapes. This is a band wagon you want to get on quick, boys.

“How To Do The Undercut?



If you’re blessed with a good head of hair, I’d be a pity not to shave off your sides and leave your upper part longer.

  • if you’ve got a dapper style: sleek it back like those 1940′s mobsters.
  • if you’re a rockenroll child: the sky’s the limit super shaved on sides & sleeked back, or even disheveled, or side parted.
  • If you’re more of a smart casual kinda guy, keep it simple: do the toned down version of it.
  • Sporty boy: take your pick.

The point is, it will look fantastic and blend in your style regardless of it. You can go extreme on it, or keep it rather



classic. You can wear your front hair as long as you want, sleeked back or not, side parted, and shave your sides as deep as you feel like it, or go gradual. Don’t be afraid to have fun & experiment, it’s only hair. It’ll grow back.”

Thanks to the Fashion Tag for our ‘how to do’ on the undercut.

The runway is never complete without fashion-statement hair, and these new hair trends for Fall 2013 are what the top stylists are doing.

Bangs are quite the commitment, so why not play with a simple side part that gives you a beautiful, Fall-hot faux bang? Following Redken’s creative consultant Guido’s advice, “creating the low side part and sweeping the hair over the forehead gives the tom-boyish style and feminine feel.” Styles range from wispy fringe to thicker versions, where bobby pins tuck behind the ears to hold chunky sections of hair in place.

side faux bang

side faux bang

In Spring, it was all about sleek ironed pony tails secured at the nape of the neck, but for Fall, the textures are changing up a bit. Keep the position the same, low and centered, but designers from Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, to Chloe and Ralph Lauren, are all creating their own version of Fall’s low pony. Options include pulling a few pieces down around the face or tucked behind the ears to emphasize the style’s haphazard ease. You can sharply part and sweep the hair back, or, create a bouncier, girly look.

soft and bouncy low pony

soft and bouncy low pony

Unfussy hair that’s loosely styled and still alluring? Every girls dream! This season it’s “undone texture” that we’re going for. Experts say to blow dry your hair with a diffuser while gently twisting sections with your finger for that effortless looking wave. If you use a brush, you’re at risk for it looking too polished. “The hair wasn’t too considered. It’s an effortless cool,” says Fekkai stylist Paul Hanlon.

unfussy texture

unfussy texture



Hurray for Pumpkin Season! And knowing the health benefits of pumpkin will have you taking full advantage of the season’s bounty.

One of the best ways to eat pumpkin is to slice finger width wedges, line a backing tray with parchment paper, toss the wedges in olive or coconut oil and good crunchy salt. Spread over the tray and bake at 375-400 F (turn on the convection fan) for about 15-20 min or until super buttery soft and caramelized on the edges. But you dare not throw out the seeds!! Scoop them out, rinse well and toss in oil and salt. Then with your oven at 320-350 F, spread the seeds on a lined tray and toast for about 10 min, or until a shade or two darker. Breath in the  toasty-nutty aroma filling your kitchen. Use them in your salad, on top your soup or tacos, or toss into a trail mix. The best part? Pumpkin seeds are the MOST alkaline-forming seed you can eat.

According to the National Institute of Health, one cup of cooked pumpkin supplies you with more than 200% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin A. Not only is Vitamin A amazing for your vision, healthy immune system and cell growth, but helps those with digestive disorders.

Pumpkin’s high carontenoid (Vitamin A) content holds the power for amazing things, from neutralizing free radicals and helping to keep cancer cells at bay, to even help keep your skin wrinkle-free! Holiday gift for yourself, right there.

Yes, a banana is mother nature’s energy-packed, perfectly wrapped snack. Potassium is all about refueling, and just one cup of cooked pumpkin outweighs bananas with 564 milligrams to the fruits’ 422.

Not only great for refueling, but pumpkin’s high potassium content helps restore your body after a hard workout—balancing electrolytes and ensuring tip top muscle function.

Almond Crusted Pumpkin Fritters Recipe 

Roast Pumpkin and Pomegranate Salad Recipe 

Coconut Pumpkin Tart Recipe