Soluciones para la Caida de Cabello


Un tema que estamos explorando, que es delicado  y muy privado y en casos tema del que muchos evadimos, o nos sentimos apenados; es la caida de cabello o calvicie, ya sea por tratamiento medico,estres, la edad o simplemente hereditario…

Para los hombres es dificil aceptarlo , al igual es de suma importancia  para las mujeres. Muchas personas desesperadas , quieren soluciones a su problema , pero muchas veces lo dejamos  sin resolver ,por muchas rasones y como ultimo recurso usamos la negatividad.

La perdida de cabello particularmente empieza con una pequena parte (especialmente enmedio de la cabeza ) hasta la calvicie o finalmente la leucemia. Lo cual afecta aproximadamente a 30 millones de mujeres en los estados unidos, solamente y porsupuesto, las quimioterapias y o otros medicamentos que causan la caida de cabello, temporal o permanentemente.

Por mi experiencia  estudiando y tratando clientes con estos problemas , soy consultora de pelucas y piezas de cabello. Estoy sorprendida del enorme problema de caida de cabello, lo que me impacta mas es el secreto y la vulneravilidad emocinal .

Ahora mi posición se extiende mas, como paramedico estilista, tambien disfruto ayudar a la gente a recuperar la confidecia otraves. Hay muchas soluciones de cabello, que muchas veces no tenemos conocimiento, por que no es un tema común. Estilistas y doctors nos mandan clientes para ayudarles con el dilema.

Otra motivación para aumentar cabello, es usar la imaginación, lucir mas joven o tan solo para cambiar de estilo sin arruinar tu cabello, es muy común que vas al trabajo o tienes entrevistas de trabajo con supervisores que se ven como el mayor de tus hijos un poco vergonzoso …

Nuestro Lema; no podemos cambiar nuestras edades , pero podemos cambiar nuestra imagen! Nosotros trato con clientes que quieren modernisar su apariencia y quieren construir  mas seguridad en su persona.  Tambien damos seminarios en grupo y confidenciales en club de mujeres, grupos de personas de la tercera edad , y club de soporte a personas pasando por quimioterapia o la leucemia… el tema a tratar es para dar un poco mas de informacion hacerca de  soluciones para el cabello y por supuesto contestar a todas esas preguntas que no nos atrevemos a preguntar a los doctores, estilistas  etc.

Nosotros los invitamos a nuestro salon , para mostrarte algunas de estas soluciones con toda la privacidad necesaria. Primera consulta gratuita …  Llama para una cita!


Written by: Jacqueline McCloud, AKA little sister of Charles’ Wigs owner, Marsha McHenry Carroll, Laguna Beach, CA

Don’t think that us folks who live in southwest Florida don’t have seasons. Sure we do. We have spring, summer, hottest summer and summer again! And most of the time that means people are out and about—walking, jogging, golfing, fishing, boating or perhaps gardening. And the last thing most people think about is Melanoma, better known as skin cancer!

And it is mainly caused by intense or occasional UV radiation exposure.  While we can easily check our bodies for dark moles or lesions, the places that we can’t see can also be very susceptible—the scalp, behind the ears and the back of the neck.

 A dedicated client  may see her hair care professional about every six weeks.  More often, a client chats up her  stylist with  personal and world events…about her children, her relationships and People magazine’s latest celebrity divorce headlines.

And, conversely, dedicated professional’s not only know the “real” color of  her client’s hair and even her plastic surgeon’s name, but, she routinely scans her client for suspicious possibilities. If something looks questionable, she strongly recommends a doctor check-up.  The earlier the detection, if any, the better the results.  Skin cancer left untreated can turn fatal.

Come to think of it, we can adapt the strategy of our chimp cousins and check our own family members…always something to learn from the animal kingdom!


I’m getting feedback that many of the women who read my blogs are of that certain age. And in case you haven’t noticed, we are pioneers of a new era where we refuse to slip into the matronly mold of our predecessors. Not that we’re trying to be 21 again, but how about timeless? Keepin’ ‘em guessing what our age may be. After all, we participate in life much differently than women of other generations and society’s joining us in celebrating our long lived youthfulness. Many of us are following our passions and embarking on new careers and challenges—on our own terms.

A few years ago I decided to see if I could rid myself of that bane of midlife beauty—the waggling underarm that seems to creep up on us. To accomplish this questionable goal before my next milestone birthday—hey, they’re all milestones after 40—I hired none other than personal trainer Anya Aardahl to work with me three times a week. My only requests were that our workouts stay at an hour and that they weren’t so agonizing that just raising my arm to brush my teeth would hurt.

She agreed and five months later, with barely a wiggle on that underarm, I actually got some definition going on other body parts.  My back actually looked sinewy. Guess I wasn’t going to need that neck to ankle Spanx after all. Even my buns were toning up and looking good in the right light—candlelight.  But that’s OK, I’ll take it.

Moral of this story, we can make a come-back, but I didn’t do it alone. There is strength in numbers and we can find activities, groups, classes and trainers to fit our schedules, fitness level and budgets.


Yes, you can look smooth in rough times

April 24, 2009|By MARSHA McHENRY CARROLL /Orange County Register’s Sun Post News

What does a shopaholic in-the-know woman of the O.C. do during a flagging economy?

A. Keep running up the credit cards and hide the receipts.

B. Stop shopping cold turkey and eat chocolate instead.

C. Go to upscale nonprofit “resale” stores such as The Hanger and help others while helping yourself.

Hopefully, you prudently chose “C.” I want to give you the inside scoop on why that’s my choice. I was among the several hundred people who attended the Working Wardrobes’ Baubles, Bangles & Bags fashion show at the Laguna Cliffs resort last month.

What made this fashion show unique is that the clothes had been previously owned and could be purchased for as low as $40 for a complete outfit! Not to worry. If you didn’t make the show, the organization’s South County resale store, The Hanger, is at 28051 Greenfield in Laguna Niguel.

And on Temptation Thursday, the last Thursday of each month, you can get 50 percent off the already jaw-dropping deals. So, ladies, we can still shop. Just judiciously. And our dollars will be helping the more than 5,000 clients the nonprofit organization serves each year.

The mission statement of Working Wardrobes, founded by Jerri Rosen 19 years ago and headquartered in Fountain Valley, is “providing caring career development to survivors of major life crisis.” The Web site,, shows amazing before-and-after photos of clients, the overwhelming change in them and the myriad volunteer opportunities available. The Women’s Day of Self-Esteem event and on-premises hair salon have my attention.

We in the O.C. like having our good values flaunted as well as our good looks, although you wouldn’t guess it by watching the TV show “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” That’s why I’m auditioning for the upcoming season. Yes, you heard me — I’m goin’ in! And I’m taking my husband with me.

Those ladies need a glamour-oriented 50-something sage like me, and I’m just gutsy enough to take it on. I’m finding out that many locals are hooked on the cringe factor of watching the cast’s misbehavior. Such a guilty pleasure. But isn’t it, after all, our flaws that make each of us so interesting?

With spring here, the wedding season is also, and whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride, in the bridal party or a guest, there’s always a concern about what to wear and how to wear your hair. My May 2008 Sun Post article is teeming with timeless guidelines and how to’s. Check it out at

So here’s hoping that by my next article I’m chosen as one of the Real (Evolved) Housewives of O.C.!


Richard Dalton, a consultant and wigmaker in Laguna Beach, was stylist to the late princess. He says he never spilled a royal secret in the 12 years he dressed her famous golden locks.

When it comes to understanding the British royals, no one knows their heads better than the one who cuts their hair.

“The media would say, ‘If you want to find out anything, just ask the hairdresser,’ ” said Richard Dalton, stylist to the late Princess Diana.

But the media would be wrong in Dalton’s case. The Dana Point resident said he never spilled a single royal secret in the 12 years he dressed Di’s famous golden locks.

Today, Dalton works as a consultant and wigmaker at Charles’ Wigs in Laguna Beach. Like much of the world, he was taken with the news that Diana’s son, Prince William, had become engaged to longtime sweetheart Kate Middleton.

After all, it was Dalton who gave William and his brother, Prince Harry, their first haircuts.

Having known William when he was a “kind and wonderful boy,” Dalton said the prince would guide Middleton through the ins and outs of royal living.

“I just hope she doesn’t try to be a Princess Diana,” Dalton said. “She’s cool in her own right, but she’ll never be a Diana.”

Middleton, of course, will be carrying a token of the late princess of Wales with her every day. William gave Middleton his mother’s sapphire-and-diamond ring.

“Every day it was on the dressing table as I was doing her hair,” said Dalton, who declined to give his age. “The ring was a wonderful gesture on William’s part, and Diana would have loved it.”

Dalton, who is Scottish, moved to London from Edinburgh at age 17 after winning a competition for a free apprenticeship with Vidal Sassoon.

In the late 1970s, at an upscale salon on London’s Bond Street, he met then-Diana Spencer and was invited to become one of her personal hairdressers.

Dalton originally worked with a team of assistants, then became Diana’s sole hairdresser after her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981. From then on, he traveled with the British royal family and, at any hour, could find himself perfecting the world’s most closely watched tresses.

“Whatever I did to her hair became front-page news,” Dalton said. “We had to be very careful. When she wanted to cut her hair short before traveling to Africa, we had to do it one-fourth of an inch at a time over several weeks.”

Dalton left Diana’s employ and England in 1991, six years before she died in a high-speed car crash in Paris.

Dalton’s current clients are enthralled with his background.

“He treats his clients like royalty,” said Doreen Quaglietta-Hughes, a customer from Huntington Harbour. “I go into another world with Richard; who else has known duchesses and princesses? Each week the time just goes by too quickly.”

“The guy is so talented,” said owner Marsha Carroll, who turned the wig shop into a full-service salon after buying it from Charles Thompson in 2006. “He’s just magic with the way he works, whether it’s hair on a head or a wig.”

Dalton said he will forever guard Diana’s confidences — at least when it comes to reporters.

“I have my memories of the princess,” he said. “But I would love to meet William again and talk with him. I’m sure he has questions about his mother.”