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Clever Tricks For Fun Parenting

If you've got kids, lucky you that you get to try all these clever tricks for fun parenting! I am not a parent yet, but coming from a large family I know all about babysitting, and unfortunately I never knew about any...

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5 Ways Leonardo DiCaprio Wins at Life

Our child star crush/teenage heat throb/dreamboat man Leonardo DiCaprio has taught us how to win at life. Industry award wins, not so much. He has had an incredible, unfaltering, star strung career with never really...

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Home Inspiration

Wednesday hump day calls for visual inspiration, and with a few rainy days headed our way, what better place to indulge in than some cozy home inspiration. Hope this gets you excited and looking forward to the stormy...

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Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

  The many amazing benefits of Bragg's apple cider vinegar has taken place in my life as my new obsession. The taste? SO delicious. Does it really make you feel light and young and healthy? Yes. Bragg's has just...

Feb 23rd, 2014 | | Designer Wigs | No Comments

Best of the 2014 Sochi Olympics

The Sochi 2014 Olympics are over, and if you missed any of the good stuff but have 2 minutes to spare, you are in luck!! Click here for.............Sochi Olympics 2014 in TWO Minutes!! For a bit more insight to some...

Feb 21st, 2014 | | Designer Wigs | No Comments

How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Dressing to make your legs look a bit longer is not a trick. Sounds like magic but really it's only a few tips that once you got them down, you might just suddenly become known for your slim stems. 1. Start your legs...

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