Welcome to Charles of Laguna~ We Specialize in Exquisite eastern European and Russian Hair.

We specialize in the highest quality eastern European & Russian hair wigs and hairpieces available.  Being an atelier, we customize your color, cut and fit. Whether a client is suffering hair loss from Alopecia, the aging process, medication side effects or medical treatments like Chemotherapy, we exceed your expectations! We set each client up with a personal appointment in the privacy of consultation rooms. We reveal the many options for hair challenges, such as top pieces that blend in with one’s own hair. Or an attachable and undetectable side bang or full bang. And, women who don’t have hair thinning or hair loss are finding these great solutions for fine limp hair that won’t hold a style. Perhaps she’s a busy new mom with no beauty regimen time, or even during her pregnancy, chooses not to color her hair.  A custom colored top piece takes care of that!  And, the custom sized and colored top piece works great for the passionate traveler who wants to look chic on the go…added bonus…no need to worry about that color touch up when away from home! Call us today. Your self image will be forever changed.   949-494-8775

How about for the man in your life? We have as many men clients as we do women. They love our discreet environment! We make a mold of the hair loss pattern, whether we custom order or use a stock system that we customize for the client’s color and hair loss pattern.

Charles of Laguna Atelier is known throughout southern California and beyond as a leader in hair replacement and customized solutions for men and women.
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Heir apparent Marsha McHenry Carroll trained under Charles Thompson, founder of Charles of Laguna Atelier, before he passed her the torch for his uber successful 46-year-old business.
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Charles of Laguna Atelier is home of the Voilà -Custom made hair additions that do not attach to the hair for volume, length, color or all three.
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